Each of these events sounds like a rockin’ time. Have a blast!~Liz

8/26: Two up-and-coming literary ladies, Megan Stielstra (Everyone Remain Calm) and Lauryn Allison Lewis (Solo/Down), share the stage with Eugene Cross (Fires of Our Choosing) and Jac Jemc (My Only Wife) at Sunday Salon Chicago. It’s at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen, 3614 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL, 8 pm and free. Stielstra’s an experienced reader from her time with 2nd Story and Lewis’s words flow forth with exquisite beauty. Not to be missed!

8/28: You may have heard of a guy named, well, Buddy Guy. He has a guitar. He likes to play it sometimes. He also, apparently, wrote a little memoir about his guitar-playing life. He’ll be at the Harold Washington Library (400 S. State Street, Chicago, IL) Tuesday night at 6 pm, and he’ll be signing copies of When I Left Home: My Story after discussion. Free, but seating is limited and will likely fill up faster than one of his hot guitar licks.

8/29: In grade school, were you the queen of the spelling bee, or did you drop out after one word (I lasted two)? Now’s the chance to either redeem yourself or regain your former glory at the BookCellar’s Annual Spelling Bee, 4736 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 7 pm. There are comedic judges, prizes, and in case you need to oil up your spelling organs, the BookCellar does serve alcohol. It’s free, but you need to register before you take the stage. Call 773-293-2665 or e-mail the store at words@bookcellarinc.com as soon as possible. (Plus, the cartoons on the event page alone are worth checking out).

8/30: Punks Promoting Literacy: yeah, that sounds like an oxymoron. But this mash of bands and books is for a good cause, The Yardtime Literacy program, which helps prison inmates gain literacy. So hang with these literate punks, including the bands The Island of Misfit Toys, Rufis Roberts & The Smoking Rabbits, and The Hamburglars, and readings by Luke “Diseased” Crumley, Kathryn Morrill, and Dmitry Samarov. Hosted by literate punk extraordinaire Wyl Villacres. $5 cover charge goes to Yardtime Literacy, and it’s at Beauty Bar, 1444 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, from 7-11 pm.