What’s up party people?!  It’s Friday, the greatest day ever, and I know you’ve spent the last week waiting by your computer for today’s Lit Missives.  Don’t worry little babies, I’ve scoured the calendars and won’t let you down.

Sunday, 10/7 –  Like free-ish food? Of course you do, you’re a poor writer.  Does the word free-ish creep you out a little?  I don’t believe you.  I know you’ve thought about pretending that forgotten to-go box left on a bus stop bench was yours, taking it home and reheating it in the oven because you can’t afford an apartment with the counter space for a microwave.  It’s okay, you’re hungry.  I know.  Join the city’s artistic communities for Here’s The Story Picnic and Potluck, and get ready to listen and share stories with a variety of Chicago storytellers.  Admission is $5 or free if you bring food (technically, a sleeve of saltines is food).  Here’s a link for more info: http://heresthestory.org/ Starts at 7:30pm, 1225 W Belmont Ave.

Tuesday, 10/9 – I know you’ve got plenty of free time.  You don’t need that job job to pay them bills, you make your green sitting around on a Tuesday afternoon writing for that $250,000 advance you just got from your publisher.  Well IF you can pull yourself away from the money maker that is your empty Word document, Tuesday’s a great day to enjoy the Chicago literary scene.  It’s time to work on that cover for the new novel someone’s totally paying you to write.  From 11 am-1 pm you can participate in Chicago’s month long event THE BIG DRAW at Newberry Library, where you can design your own over-sized book covers inspired by the library’s collections. 60 W Walton.

After you’re properly caffeinated (not having a job is so exhausting, right?) get your literary tush on up to THENEWSTUDIO in Evanston and watch writer and Columbia College Chicago Fiction professor Patricia Ann McNair discuss and read from The Temple of Air, her new collection of linked short stories.  For more information and to confirm your seat, email bethsnyde@gmail.com, but do it now, this thing is filling up quicker than my aunt’s secret hoard of Beanie Babies.  Don’t open that closet door at the end of the hallway… 7-8:30pm. 2948 Central Street.

Well, as my mom likes to say, them’s the cookies, Chicago (an accidental blend of “them’s the brakes” and “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” she refuses to correct).  Have a super week, readers!