Still nursing that gnarly hangover you’ve had since Halloween?  Did all of your friends force you to do shots while they raised you up above their shoulders, naming you the best costume at the party, letting you bathe in your undeniable magnetism and adorability?  No?  Yeah, me neither.  Let’s just say my Halloween involved a pile of spicy buffalo wings, a group of grad students comparing high school GPA’s, and a lonely Blue Line ride with The Collected Stories of Richard Yates... yikes.

But we can’t be winners all the time, or, any of the time, so let’s stick to what keeps us the emotionally distant recluses our mothers have finally accepted us as: literature!

Friday 11/2 – Time to put your fancy pants on and head up to the Gold Coast for 2nd Story, where Molly Each, Columbia College faculty Eric May and Deb Lewis will be reading from Briefly Knocked Unconscious by a Low-Flying Duck: Stories From 2nd Story.  The ruckus will be happening at the Underground Wonder Bar from 7-10 pm.  It’s 20 bucks, but the price of admission includes a copy of the book, as well as a reason to socialize with those pesky things known as other human beings.

It’s November!  Do you know what that means?  

National No Pants month?  No.  That is not a thing.  

National Stay Inside and Play Settlers Of Catan Online With Strangers Month?  No, and you do that every month, anyway. 

National Tell Jokes to Your Cat in a British Accent Month?  Also not a thing.  I hope you’re not in public when you do this, no need to perpetuate stereotypes.

No, it’s National Novel Writing Month!  That’s right, it’s time to stop with the excuses you’ve used to finish your book: “You know I’m really not feeling it right now,” or “I don’t think my version of Word can support that kind of lexical assault,” or “I’m way too busy updating my OKCupid profile.”  Stop, just stop.  It’s time to seek out the highly ambiguous muses of Inspiration and Productivity, which I’ve found are not hiding in the bottom of cheap boxed wine, and throw some 50,000 words onto paper.  Easy peasy, right?  Now get writing.

Have a super week, readers!